70th Annual General Meeting Highlights

Congratulations and Thank You to Chad McGonigal, Marv Bakke & Tyler Remoué for remaining on the Board of Directors for another 3 year term!

Present Directors/CU Board Experience

  • Wendy Spagrud – 1 Year (term expires 2019)
  • Sabrina Cristensen – 4 Years (term expires 2019)
  • Darlene Loucks – 3 Years (term expires 2020)
  • Eric Lamontagne – 8 Years (term expires 2020)
  • Tyler Remoué – 6 Years (term expires 2021)
  • Chad McGonigal – 12 Years (term expires 2021)
  • Marvin Bakke – 16 Years (term expires 2021)

Present Staff/ CU Experience

  • Andrée Simard – 2.5 Years (Member Service Representative)
  • Breanna Sleightholm – 5.0 Years (Loan Officer I –On Maternity Leave)
  • Candice Chase – 4.0 Years (Senior Member Service Representative)
  • Germondé de Boer – 3.5 Years (Member Service Representative)
  • Glennis Thomson – 14.5 Years (Accounting Clerk)
  • Leesa Setrum – 3 Years (P/T Member Service Representative)
  • Larry Weisgerber – 42.0 Years
  • Nicole Tessier – 1.5 Year (Contract Loan Officer I – Contract)
  • Sarah Kirby – 3.5 Years (General Manager)
  • Stephanie Bakken – 2.5 Years (Member Service Representative)
  • Tim Goddard – 40.0 Years (Loans Officer III – Agriculture)

Board of Director’s Report


Member loans grew by 2% and member deposits grew by 1%. While we came off a record crop year for the start of 2017, we ended on a very poor crop year for the fall of 2017. This could prove difficult to achieve the budgeted growth in 2018 if we experience another dry fall like last year. As of February 2018 we are showing an operating profit of $50,000, which is $8,700 ahead of last year.


In 2018-2019 we would like to transfer the Tax Free Savings Accounts (TSFA) that our members hold at Concentra Bank (Financial) to the Credit Union. We had hoped to complete this project in 2017 but time did not permit us to do so. This will be something that is worked on in the coming years.

We will also be changing Global Payment Cards in early 2019 as our contract will not be renewed with our current card provider. The new Universal Pay Card will work much the same as the current card you have.


In 2009 we were the 14th smallest Credit Union in Saskatchewan, in 2013 the 8th smallest and in 2019 we will likely be the 3rd smallest Credit Union in Saskatchewan. Hearing about branch closures or mergers is concerning for our Members, Board, Management and Staff and remains an ongoing topic for discussion at the board table. Even though we are a smaller Credit Union when compared to our peers, we still continue to grow and be profitable. Our Credit Union continues to remain financially strong and is able to successfully serve our Community and local area as an autonomous Credit Union. While autonomy is our choice, we will continue to monitor future opportunities that will further benefit our Membership.

Our Credit Union Vision and Mission Statements, Core Values, Strategic Planning and our Staff Performance Management plans speak about Community. We continue to support our Communities with many promotional items donated and, when possible, cash donations. Please contact us if you know of a community project that is trying to get up and running; perhaps your local Credit Union can help make it happen!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, I would like to thank our Members for your continued support. We look forward to continually growing the strength of the Rockglen-Killdeer Credit Union now and into the future. Please do not hesitate to contact any Board or Staff member if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

Tyler Remoué, President