Calidon Equipment Leasing

If or when you are looking for a lease to finance your next purchase, please check out Calidon
Equipment Leasing. We have the first option to purchase leases that originate in our area. So if
you are looking to lease, call Calidon, and tell them you want the Rockglen-Killdeer Credit Union
to finance the lease and you will keep the business and the money in our communities.

Calidon will write up a lease for almost any item excluding land. For example Grain Bins, Tractors,
Combines, Trucks, Sprayers, Augers, Loaders, Haying Equipment, Seeding Equipment, Tillage
Equipment, Fire Trucks, Mowers, Graders, Utility Vehicles, Backhoes, Skid Steers, Golf Carts,
Camper Trailers and more!

Calidon Equipment Leasing
Toll Free Phone: +1 (877) 956-0082
Toll Free Fax: + (877) 956-0083