The Big Move!!!

On January 1, 2018 …The Big Move will occur. Throughout 2017 Sarah Kirby has been learning the responsibilities/duties of the General Manager position. The Big Move, The Switching of Offices and Duties and Responsibilities will occur January 1st. Sarah will move to the General Manager position/office and Tim Goddard will move to the Loan Officer III position/office.

Our plan is Sarah, the General Manager will not have any loan activities/responsibilities or loan appointments. Loan appointments can be made with either Tim or Nicole Tessier, with Larry Weisgerber providing loan administrative support.

On January 1, 2018 we will be …

Sarah Kirby – General Manager

Tim Goddard – Loan Officer III

Candice Chase – Senior MSR

Nicole Tessier – Loan Officer I

Andrée Simard – MSR

Germonde de Boer – MSR

Leesa Setrum – MSR

Glennis Thomson – Accounting Clerk

Larry Weisgerber – Loan Clerk & Administrative Support